The Smarter Way to Manage Today's IT

October 2nd, 2020

Burnt out IT Employee

When your IT organization is no longer overwhelmed by troubleshooting production or repetitive tasks, they will feel that their work is more impactful and is more focused on initiatives rather than keeping fragile solutions and tools operable. Everyone desires to feel like their work matters and that their skillset and experience is growing. It is hard to feel that way when one is repeating the same fixes every single day.

Most human beings want to be a hero in some way. For most of us, work is where we spend the majority of our time awake and where we feel the need to do something good that makes a difference. Repetition is the absolute opposite of that human drive. Repetition leads to apathy which ultimately leads to mishaps. There are times when mistakes genuinely are just mistakes. There are times, however, when mistakes happen due to inattentiveness caused by feeling that your value to the IT organization is low.

CloudMayor can help you provide automated self-service IT processes that carry out the mundane or repetitive tasks that burden your IT operations. IT team members will be free to focus on challenging work and, thus, be more engaged in the IT organization.