The Smarter Way to Manage Today's IT

Automate IT Operations

Today's IT operations must always be on and of high quality to satisfy demand. There is little to no tolerance for downtime, failures, missed SLAs, or improper procedures. CloudMayor enables you to be proactive rather than reactive through the use of our automation, without the costs of building, securing, and maintaining an enterprise automation platform.

Crush Demand

Confidently control and manage the perpetually evolving demand on infrastructures and applications.

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Technology teams are increasingly transitioning to automated operation systems and tools. Let CloudMayor's automation integrate and oversee those solutions for you. Avoid costly mistakes, forensic firefighting, key person dependencies, and compliance issues. CloudMayor frees you from IT operational challenges and empowers you to focus on innovation and initiatives.

Crush Demand

Automation can help meet consumer demand as well as contribute insightful data. It is more important now than ever for businesses to implement automation to stay competitive while remaining compliant with rules, regulations, processes, and procedures. CloudMayor centralizes and simplifies your automation allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Prevent system failures, get CloudMayor on your side.

Conquer Response

CloudMayor empowers you with the ability to automatically respond to events across your enterprise infrastructures, applications, and services. Flawlessly respond to planned and unplanned events with coordinated and documented IT behaviors. Increase operational resiliency and availability while strengthening the organization's trust in IT operations.

Breakdown Key Person Dependencies

The centralized automation offered by CloudMayor eliminates the dependency for a specific team or individual. Tasks can be performed according to requirement, in a consistent manner, without burden of outsourcing, coverage scheduling, or cross-training.

Amplify Innovation

By automating your IT Operations, your business can scale to run 24x7x365, while freeing up team members to focus on innovative ventures and gain new skills. Prevent constant time loss due to repetitive tasks and system failures. Increase agility, enhance resiliency, and adapt innovation with CloudMayor.

Be Proactive

Prevent constant firefighting and manual fixes. Become proactive rather than reactive when responding to critical incidents. Being proactive enables your team to focus on experimentation and elevating your business practices. Make growth inevitable by automating away pesky recurrent IT issues.