The Smarter Way to Manage Today's IT

October 30th, 2020

Man in suit preparing to run

When you implement Automated Self-Service IT, your IT organization will gain the ability to reduce the time to respond to inquiries, to complete IT service requests and resolve IT issues. By publishing searchable and detailed documentation, you can quickly answer users questions without lifting a finger. This available knowledge can be used to inform the user about what is needed to successfully submit a request or to request a response to an IT issue. By requiring standardized information at the beginning of an IT service request, an automated workflow process is able to initiate and complete a request without IT involvement. To automatically respond to an IT issue, a workflow could use the information accessed to appropriately triage items to the correct IT team or initiate another process to remedy the issue.

Automation can remove unnecessary steps and reduce manual intervention that will result in a greatly reduced turnaround time for IT operations. CloudMayor is an automation platform that can support multiple IT process workflows and automatically respond to issues that occur in monitored IT infrastructure, services, and applications.