The Smarter Way to Manage Today's IT

November 23rd, 2020

Man speaking to a robot on a laptop

Most IT Operations Teams struggle with the perpetual challenge of getting more things done with less people, funding, and/or time. In order to prevail in this incessant conflict, IT Leaders are perpetually playing a shell game between available talent, time, and budget in conjunction with IT tools and services to keep things running and meet expectations. IT automation that can effectively scale up, scale down, and run 24x7x365 is an absolute savior for IT teams that suffer from the most challenging constraint of all...time. If you are in the same position and are undecided as to how IT Automation can be a critical game changer for your IT organization then here are five specific benefits that you may wish to consider:

Cost Reduction – Most IT organizations are actively striving to reduce costs however, whenever, and wherever possible. IT Automation can usher in significant savings by emulating an elastic workforce, reducing the time to onboard or cross train resources, reducing the time to prepare for audit and compliance reviews, significantly lowering the costs of responding to errors and failures, and offering a relatively low cost to run 24x7x365.

Enhanced Productivity – Automating IT Operations eliminates the need for manual work, which not only improves work quality, but it also frees up high value IT Operations personnel to apply their knowledge and advanced skills to more important tasks and projects. This also goes a long way towards eliminating key person dependencies. The removal of manual tasks and bottlenecks through key person dependencies means that your IT Operations turnaround time on requests will be substantially lowered as more work can be completed on a daily basis.

Greater Availability – System degradations and failures can cost an organization millions of dollars in lost revenue, not to mention the damage to the organization's reputation, in the court of public opinion. All IT Operations Teams have the same fundamental number one priority: to achieve the highest possible levels of availability. This priority can be reached through the implementation of a solid strategy and IT automation. IT Automation can provide automated recovery, 24x7x365 monitoring, and alerting. CloudMayor is an IT Operations Automation platform that can help you maximize network uptime, reduce costly and reactive firefighting, protect the organization's reputation, and empower you to achieve the number one goal of IT Operations Teams around the globe.

More Reliability – A high percentage of IT Operations tasks consist are mundane and repetitive but absolutely mission critical to most organizations. Unfortunately these same tasks, which are viewed by most IT staff as extremely tedious and unlikely to gain recognition to propel one's career, are also much more error-prone. The reality is that if you were able to eliminate human interaction, the costly errors may disappear. This is especially true in midsize to large organizations in which there are multiple IT teams supporting multiple systems. CloudMayor IT Automation can vastly improve your IT Operations reliability while simultaneously relieving personnel of tedious manual tasks.

Optimized Performance – Most IT leaders face constant pressure to perform tasks and workflows faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost, despite having an increasing workload. It can be extremely challenging to keep up with these demands without IT Operations Teams becoming overwhelmed and demoralized. IT Operations Automation platforms, like CloudMayor, can provide the missing link to maximize performance without having to hire more staff, cross train resources, or accept failure.