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Avoid Long Term Commitments

Automate your IT Operations without the fear of being locked into an oppressive license agreement. Increase your company's agility and resiliency at scale while using CloudMayor’s monthly pay-as-you-go pricing. There are no required upfront costs or commitments. No time limits or credits to monitor. Pay only for what you use. Scale up or down usage as needed.

Eliminate Fixed Costs

Bypass the fixed costs associated with long-term licensing agreements or with maintaining a homegrown automation platform.

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Eliminate Fixed Costs

CloudMayor does not lock you into long term licensing models. CloudMayor billing is calculated monthly. Your costs are determined strictly on your CloudMayor usage. You are in control of how much you spend at all times. CloudMayor also helps you avoid the fixed costs associated with building and maintaining your own automation platform. Overall, you are able to shift costs from being capital expenditures to purely operating expenditures. By implementing CloudMayor, you get bespoke automation at the lowest cost possible.

Leverage Volume Pricing

CloudMayor pricing is straightforward and rewarding. The more you use, the less you pay in usage costs per resource. Most vendors offer tiered pricing contracts that reward you only after your spend surpasses a target tier ceiling. CloudMayor is offering genuine volume pricing. As soon as your resource usage (and not your spend) exceeds a threshold, your overall costs per resource go down.

Cancel Anytime

Committing to traditional software license agreements can be tedious and expensive. Stay in control of your IT budget with CloudMayor. Have the freedom to scale your usage up or down, even if your usage drops to zero. You are in the driver's seat. There are no cancellation clauses. You may cancel whenever you wish.

Lower The Cost of Custom Automation

Eliminate surprise costs associated with trying out and implementing new solutions for your organization. CloudMayor charges are predictable so you will never be blindsided with unexpected charges. Easily keep costs low while upgrading your IT Operations using CloudMayor.