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Centralize and Standardize IT Processes

Curating and implementing IT standards, processes, and procedures for an organization can be overwhelming. Let CloudMayor minimize the time and effort needed to centralize and standardize IT operations. Organizations who embrace repeatable, consistent, and well-defined processes and procedures enjoy the advantages of lowering risks, reducing costs, satisfying audits, fearlessly scaling, and keeping both clients and compliance happy. You will also be relieved that there are guardrails in place to ensure that procedural steps are carried out as required and that issues are automatically remediated.

Guarantee Goodness

Make it easy for your IT Teams to confidently follow the correct process, the precise standards, and produce the accurate procedural artifacts.

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Guarantee Goodness

One of the most effective ways to improve the performance of an IT organization is to implement process-based management. It may sound straightforward but it is not easy. CloudMayor is designed to bring the good, as in automating processes, to your IT management. In the most general sense, a process is a sequence of activities aimed at generating added value by transforming an input into an output, which can in turn be the input for another process. All the activities within an IT organization can and should be considered as processes that are designed to add value by following requirements, lowering risks, improving security, shortening the time for product delivery, reducing costs, and satisfying customers. Let CloudMayor usher in IT goodness.

Prevent Mishaps

Your customers expect that your IT will meet expectations and deliver results without issue. Most organizations invest in measures to ensure these outcomes are achieved; however, mishaps are bound to happen. CloudMayor can help you minimize the number of mishaps and avoid critical incidents. CloudMayor is designed to help you be alert when events occur in your organization. Being aware of impactful events can help quickly stem the cost of mishaps and the impact on your customers.

Control Quality

The key to controlling quality is to establish well-defined controls. Controls help standardize both IT procedures and reactions to IT issues. CloudMayor makes it easy for you to limit the room for error by automating which IT activities are to be completed by which IT Team members, services, applications, and/or infrastructures. This significantly reduces the chance that requirements will not be met and that process will not be followed which almost always results in more issues and unhappy customers.

Champion Consistency

Consistency is a must-have for your IT organization to thrive. Consistency allows for measurement. You cannot meaningfully measure effectiveness if you are not performing consistently. CloudMayor uniformly documents and tracks your IT events and processes. Consistency leads to accountability. Once you begin measuring performance indicators and progress, your IT Teams will become more aware of and accountable for deliverables and goals.

Safeguard IT Policy

CloudMayor is designed to automate processes and procedures that can safeguard your IT services, applications, and infrastructures. This may include automating the steps to remediate mishaps or inform IT teams of next steps. While most organizations provide training, it is difficult to keep up with the perpetual change in requirements, protocols, and regulations. CloudMayor can help you immediately implement policy changes through automation and prevent the mishaps caused by misinformation or lack of awareness.

Gain Insightful Performance Data

CloudMayor provides data about IT events and processes that can offer insightful and measurable details about IT performance. Consistency establishes your reputation. Your customers' satisfaction requires a track record of successfully meeting IT expectations. CloudMayor can track and record processes to help you ensure that service level agreements are met, which keeps your customers happy.