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Customize Intelligence Rules

Ensure that the correct procedures are implemented and documented across your enterprise. CloudMayor intelligence rules detect and respond to events that ensure IT operations is running smoothly and that jeopardize the availability and responsiveness of infrastructures, applications, and services.

Virtualize the A Team

Encode the expertise of those that know the most to design rules for the benefit of the enterprise.

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Virtualize the A Team

In every IT Team, there is almost always one or more individuals with the right mix of "get it done" spirit, organizational knowledge, and technical skills that always know exactly what to do. These are the members of your A Team, the people you wish you could clone and that others would emulate. Their instinctual insights can help you lay the groundwork for a highly effective set of CloudMayor intelligence rules to automate your IT operations policy and response.

Codify Your Secret Sauce

IT policy and procedures are too important to be approached in a "One Size Fits All" manner. What is being touted as working well for another organization may not be suitable for your organization. CloudMayor allows you to codify the bespoke set of best practices, policies, and procedures for effectively automating IT Operations. Retain what makes you stand out and ahead of your competitors.

Protect Requirements

There are many solutions to chronicle and protect requirements documentation at rest; but, what about protecting your requirements in transit? In real life, how can you protect your requirements and ensure that those requirements are being met in your IT policies and procedures? CloudMayor Intelligence Rules enforce adherence to requirements by proactively tracking procedural steps and identifying when steps are missed.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Avoid the risks and costs associated with failures and human error. Let CloudMayor intelligently monitor, track, and respond to events across your enterprise. CloudMayor can help you quickly identify root cause and resolve recurring issues that hamper IT's ability to scale or meet customer expectations. CloudMayor will also assist you with reducing the amount of tasks requiring hands on keyboards thus ensuring that you can react appropriately, day or night.