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Monitor Your Enterprise 24 x 7 x 365

Provide your IT Teams with the means to automatically detect issues and failures. Empower them to either proactively avoid or reactively remediate through CloudMayor automation. Avoid the detrimental impacts to your operations and to your bottom line when issues or failures remain undetected. CloudMayor can monitor your enterprise 24x7x365, either through its native tools or by integrating with popular 3rd party tools, and take action as soon as an event occurs. Never miss what is impacting your IT operations again.

Respond Instantly

Automatically respond to events as soon as they occur and implement automated process flows to minimize risk, reduce cost, and sustain operations.

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Respond Instantly

Automate IT event responses to reduce the risks and costs inherent in manual intervention, human oversight, resource on-call management, and late night quick fixes. Avoid the fatigue that many IT Teams experience after late night and/or all day troubleshooting or reprocessing tasks to restore Production. Let CloudMayor gracefully handle events and communicate to the right individuals when its process flows are complete.

Diminish Downtime

Unplanned downtime can be detrimental to any organization. There may be significant impacts to not only your organization's profitability but also to your organization's reputation. When IT services, tools, and infrastructure degrade or fail without warning, it can be extremely challenging to troubleshoot and to restore operations under the duress of customer dissatisfaction, particularly when the root cause is unknown. CloudMayor equips you with the means to detect and identify the various stages of degradation and failure. CloudMayor automation will respond accordingly to minimize or to circumvent being unavailable to your customers. Ensure that your critical systems remain operational and responsive at all times with CloudMayor.

End Notification Overload

There are many tools and services available to capture, to stream, to record, and to search data. Most IT Teams today are inundated with notification overload. IT Teams are systematically being desensitized to events due to the barrage of chats, emails, text messages, tickets, and logs. CloudMayor can sift through the overwhelming amount of data and not get overloaded. CloudMayor will ensure that the events that matter have the automated responses they deserve.

Aggregate Monitoring

CloudMayor’s automation identifies potential incidents and categorizes them immediately, providing real-time alerts to necessary personnel. Monitor and troubleshoot physical and virtual infrastructures in one convenient place. The more complex the infrastructure, the more necessary automation becomes. Strengthen your team’s responsiveness to incidents with CloudMayor’s aggregated monitoring system.